DAD – an interactive performance about cancer, love and yoga

DAD is a monologue about a father-son relationship which is characterized by deep love, blocked emotions, avoidance of conflicts and fear of losing each other. About how to learn to support and love each other, no matter how differently we approach life while death is knocking at the door. The story takes place primarily in 2011-2013, where the storyteller’s father get bowel cancer. We follow the son’s challenging process of acceptance of his father’s illness, and his ambitious
insistence that wants to help his father in the best possible way. But the son’s holistic approach doesn’t flow with his father’s understanding of being healthy and getting well. In flashbacks we gain insight into their relationship, as it has evolved from the comfortable atmosphere of his childhood home to a physical and emotional separation, which escalated after his mother died from cancer in 1995, to the adult years where the lack of being loved and respected became breeding grounds for both mental and physical disorders. In parallel with the story narrative, we follow the son’s efforts to tell the story through the creation of a performing arts show based on his father’s process.






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