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About DAD

"DAD" is the brutally honest portray of the Danish actor, Christian Gade Bjerrum, and his father Claus, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. We follow Christian's emotional roller coaster ride, his process of accepting his father's condition, and his ambitious attempts to save his dad with unconditional love, yoga, therapy and stright diet. But Christian's holistic approach doesn’t flow with his father's (and society's) general understanding of being healthy and getting well. The audience is introduced to their relationship, as it has evolved from the comfortable childhood home in Denmark, to a physical and emotional separation in the teenage years, which escalated after Christian's mother died from cancer in 1995, to the adult years where the lack of being loved and respected became breeding grounds for both mental and physical disorders. And finally in his 30's where Christian is traveling to Colombia to find his biological mother and creating his performance DAD, while his father is still fighting for his life...


TICKETS ON SALE!!! WOW! Holy Crap! It’s for real now!!
What a tremendous joyful feeling it is to know that tickets for my DAD performance in New York City are now on sale! DAMN! 🙂
So yeah, please come, invite your dad, mom, spouse, best friend, lover, cousin, you’re all welcome!
We, Malika and I look forward to play for you!

click here to purchase your tickets:…

And we would appreciate if you wanna share the link with all your friends in New York.
Thank you :o)


introducing Malika & Christian

Malika Sia Graff is also performing in DAD. She’s a young talented singer and musician from Denmark and she has composed music for the performance. We’re very excited to go to New York together and play, perform, sing, stretch and share our love and energy with YOU.


❤ ❤ Malika & Christian

Venue # 10 – The Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company

YEAH! It’s now official that “DAD” will perform at VENUE # 10 – ALPHA OMEGA.

The address is :

70 East 4th Street – Lower Level
(Bowery & 2nd Avenue)

At this venue is the Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company located and we’ll have the honor of performing 5 shows during the FringeNYC Festival. Stay tuned to find out the dates and time for the performances.

We look forward to see you …

Christian & Malika

map mini.png

Christian talks about his DAD performance

In June 2015 “DAD” was performed in a yoga room at Bikram Yoga Copenhagen. In this video Christian explains why he created “DAD” and why yoga is such an important element in his performance.

The video is made by Kristoffer Engholm Aabo, who’s in the process of creating a documentary about the whole “DAD” project.

Enjoy :o)

Ugens Gæst i TVMidtVest

D. 22. juni var jeg “Ugens Gæst” i programmet Mokka på TV/MidtVest, hvor min far også var med. Vi snakker om min forestilling “FAR”, snakker om hvad der skete dengang far fik kræft og jeg flygtede til Sydamerika, snakker om hvad der er vigtigt i livet, når ens elskede farmand er ved at stille træskoene, snakker om hvorfor det er vigtigt at lave en forestilling med temaet kræft og yoga og om at “FAR” er på vej til USA for at blive præsenteret foran et internationalt publikum i The New York International Fringe Festival til august.

Tak fordi du følger med.

Kærlig hilsen


LINK: ugens gæst i TVMidtVest

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 07.43.51



DAD – prep. for FringeNYC 2016

Today is the 14th of June. There’s less than two months to the FringeNYC. O M G I am excited. We’re excited. Malika and me. Malika is the musician who’s performing with me. It will be her first time in New York. It’s my 4th time. Or 5th?

Here we are preparing before a show in April in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Yes, it is a real Christian Dior kimono I’m wearing in case you were wondering ;o)


Samarbejde med Børnecancerfonden

Det er en glædelig nyhed, at vi kan præsentere et nyt samarbejde mellem Børnecancerfonden og teatergruppen som co-producerer “Wounded Beast”, som producerer “FAR”.
Som publikum til “FAR”-forestillingerne under Aprilfestivalen kan man donere et beløb til Børnecancerfondens fremtidige arbejde.
Man kan jo f.eks. donere det beløb, som man normalt ville give for teaterbillet…

Vi forventer sammenlagt 200 publikummer til 4 forestillinger.

Hvis alle donerer 50 kr. sååå …

Hvis du bruger swipp eller mobilepay, så husk at skrive “FAR”, så fonden kan registrere, hvor pengene kommer fra. Tak.

Hvad kan man gøre for andre, som har det sværere end een selv?
Hvordan kan vi fusionere scenekunst med velgørenhed?
Hvornår gør man en forskel?

Tak for dit bidrag.
Kærlige hilsner

Wounded Beast

& Malika og Christian.