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First review of DAD

Aug. 20th 2016
_84A2157 3.jpg
photo by Frida Gregersen
WOW. What a review. Thank you Jacquelyne Claire!
“There is such an ability to rail against the Gods with defiant self-belief. Christian has formulated a very clear standpoint on many issues and shares them with the determination of a televangelist on New Year’s Day….
“Malika Sia Graff provided a stunning live score to the unfolding exploration of self. She sings right into your solar plexus and shakes your base chakra with the power of her beautiful music.”
Read the whole review here: (it’s quiet amazing :o)

New trailer for the DAD performance

DAD shows five times in New York City during the FringeNYC festival.

SUN 14th at 1.45pm

THU 18th at 8.45pm

SUN 21st at 8.15pm

FRI  26th at 4.15pm

SAT 27th at 6.45pm

VENUE: The studio of The Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company (70 East 4th Street, New York, NY.)

We look so much forward to see you!

Wounded Beast


a Street Production

the DAD documentary project

July, 27th 2016


Here we are at the Danish Film Institute at the office of Macho Films, which is the production company who’s making a documentary about the “DAD” performance at the FringeNYC Theater Festival.

Kristoffer is a cinematographer and a good friend. As a team we wanna create something extraordinary. We wanna play. We wanna shoot some good stuff in New York.

We look forward to see you!

Kristoffer & Christian